Brutus also offers its services to the industrial sector:



Cladding/Roofing installation

Brutus can supply either a handrail (affixed to steel) or a fully boarded multi lift scaffold to allow roofing sheers or cladding to be installed on any building. With the use of buttresses and kentledge a scaffold can be supplied giving you maximum space between the scaffold and the perlin, allowing any size sheet to be installed with ease.



Machinery Installation/Repair works

Every factory or warehouse is under constant pressure to keep all its machinery operating at the most productive rate, this requires all repair work to be completed as quickly but as safely as possible. Brutus offers 24/7 emergency scaffold service ,supplying a safe working platform any time of the day or night.



Pipe work installation and repairs

Brutus can supply a safe working platform to allow any section of pipe work to be installed or repaired, no matter how inaccessible it may be.



Temporary roofs

Brutus specialises in supplying temporary roofing to cover any size or shape building, we can supply full architectural drawings upon request. We are competent in CS sheeted or HAKI roofing systems as well as full shrink wrapped roofs/scaffolding.



High level access

Brutus can offer an large selection of access solutions for even the highest of roofs, from a standard ladder tower scaffold, to a variety of system of tube and fitting staircases . As well as the option of a personnel/equipment hoist.



High level machinery installation

When installing heavy pieces of machinery into high level buildings, a heavy duty loading platform is often required for the machinery to be lifted onto before being wheeled into its new home. Brutus can supply scaffold drawings with full load bearings to give you 100% confidence while installing any size piece of machinery.

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